What is Neog.camp? and why you should care?

by Saurabh Bhan

Some of you might be wondering what Neog.camp and it is okay I came to know about them a few days back and it changed my perspective on learning to code. here's how. I come from a Computer Science background and had extensive study in the Indian education system for 4 years and when I came out of college. I was shocked to see how not ready I was to work in the industry, the fact being the industry standard and practices are not taught in colleges, and that's where EdTech like Neog.camp shines. What Neog helps you with is rather than wasting your time on theory, they make you work on live projects, and you'd say "Saurabh, what's new in that other EdTech makes you do that too." and I would answer with my portfolio.

LevelZero, See, in other EdTech startups courses/Programs you pay them a fee they take the classes and you are on your own to build these projects, and as we know we are some of the laziest beings we do not build them and hence never learn. But, to even get into Neog you have to do a set of 15 projects Mark15 and have a working portfolio to be considered for the admission interview. I loved it so much that all this Portfolio you see is a Mark15 project. cool, right.

"Why Should you care?", as I said many EdTech just take your money and leave you on your own and hence are termed as money-making machines but Neog I felt different even before getting into the program I have learned basics and enjoyed building all this you see here, and all we want to do is learn and build. right. I have not gotten into LevelOne and hence do not know how the actual program will be. though if I get in make sure to watch this space as I will continue working on this portfolio and pushing out blogs of my journey through Neog. until then Keep learning new things.